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Free local delivery for all products.

An online shop, we offer free delivery local to the Bognor area and also for orders over a minimum value. 

Our aim is to provide excellent quality helpful options not just for established vegetarians and vegans but also for those who are making the transition to a vegetarian or vegan diet. Our family is now a mix of ex-meat-eating vegan and vegetarians so we know how difficult it can appear to be when your dietary background has typically included meat at every evening meal. One focus will be on how to get enough protein.  The vegetarian/vegan food industry is rapidly making headway with their products and easy information sharing online means that whenever we come across problem areas it is getting easier to resolve them.  

We stock many well know brands and a few not so well known - including:

Vbites - the Vbites vegideli range, the Vbites cheatin range and Vbites cheezly range not to mention the delicious vgeusto range of vegan cheeses!

Granovita, Plamil (including lots of delicious Plamil chocolate), Meridian, Just wholefoods, Taifun tofu, Alpro, Biovegan, Biona, Artisan grains, Violife cheese to name but a few.


We even stock vegan marsh mallows - you won't find those in many shops!  Then there are the chilled and frozen goodies - Clive's pies for a starters - delicious vegan pies - yummy!  And what about ice cream, dairy free ice cream of various kinds including the luxurious booja booja vegan ice cream in a variety of flavours.   Please remember, if you can't find it please ask as we will do our best to source it for you.

Egg replacers are popular as is the orgran vegan gravy mix.

We have also recently added a tab to the menu for vegan recipe ideas and welcome visitors recipe ideas (must comply with copyright law) and will publish these as and when they are available.  So why not help us build up a stock of vegan recipes for all to share and enjoy!

Another tab in our menu provides useful links to animal welfare/rights resources.


  1. Early experiences of going vegan

    Posted on 3:59pm Thursday 13th Feb 2014

    Having been vegetarian for quite some time I decided to go fully vegan a couple of weeks ago.  Just a couple of early thoughts for those considering a vegan diet. 

    Firstly I wouldn't worry about what to eat - my experience is that I am finding so much variety I am actually eating more than before and more variety and lots of it is new - spoilt for choice I am actually worried I may have to curb my eating!

    Secondly in terms of health I can say categorically I feel better than ever before.  I am no athlete but I do go to a gym regularly and will be running the bognor 10K in may - I did it before in less than an hour and hope to beat that again this year - not bad for a 50 something year old who smoked for many years and ate meat for even longer.

    One of the best aspects of going vegan though is the lifting of guilt I held for so many years - I now know that, although guilty in the past, I no longer contribute to the abuse of animals through farming, milking and so on - that feels good!

    Lastly, I would say that sometimes it takes a little time to adjust but be patient.  I gave up sugar in my tea several years ago and found the first 5 or 6 (maybe it was 20!) cups without sugar were not nice - now I couldn't possibly drink tea with sugar in it.  Its the same with going vegan - tea with soya milk (some are better than others and I would recommend Cafe expert which you can find in our online store) tastes a little strange for the first few cups but you adjust - you adjust quickly and now I hve adjusted the thought of animal milk in my tea is quite disgusting to me (just as the thought of soya milk was in the past).

    If you are not sure just give it a try and if at first you don't succeed please try again - if you want to chat about it please use this blog space or contact us direct or even on facebook -

    Look forward to hearing from you!